Sunday Afternoon in Toronto-Green Living Show

As I walked around I realized how our world continues to change. Discussions about electric cars, cannabis remedies and holistic body scrubs were many that I wandered past and heard on Sunday as I checked out the Green Living Show before I did my cooking demonstration.
Talk of food security, how to create a green living space and so much more were some of the things I kept hearing from attendees and speakers there. The crowd was wanting to learn and find out more to better themselves, their families and where they lived. Amazing, how the things around us help shape us don't you think?
I loved how an audience member asked if the items I was using in my cooking demo could be purchased without plastic bags? YES, of course! Perfect opening to talk about farms, farm stands and markets. Such awareness with everyone when it comes to food and how they want to live their lives. People taking control of not only what's around them but what they put in their bodies.

I was there representing Foodland Ontario and spoke about how our local produce can go global. When it comes to what we grow here in Ontario we really reach out to over 200 countries when we think about it? Fresh greens and other produce that have influenced our farming and the ability to grow such amazing produce for all Canadians and what they want to cook.
The crowd was engaged with the talk about spices, how budget friendly cabbage, carrots and chicken thighs are. And they are all grown and raised right here in our backyards! (Well not in mine but very close)
The Chicken Korma created such an aroma the line up began to grab a taste and the crisp refreshing coolness of the Indian Raita Slaw was a perfect match and a welcome taste for the vegetarians.
We talked about vegetarian options and other great things you can do with a head of cabbage and a bag of carrots! (coleslaw, soups, stews, cabbage rolls, salads...)
Sometimes I think simplicity is key and always wins out. Fresh flavours that we grow right here in Ontario.
Thank you Foodland Ontario and Green Living Show for having me. It was a wonderful experience and great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Toronto.


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