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Sweet Juicy Cherries!

A few years ago I made this delicious cherry sauce and remembered what I had written about it, so I thought I would share it today as the local cherries are perfect for picking and creating delicious recipes with! I hope you enjoy...

I must admit that I love to eat cherries in mass quantities and when that dark red juicy drips down the side of my mouth I feel like a little kid again. I remember many family members had cherry trees in their backyards and we would jump up trying to grab handfuls of the fruit not really knowing if they were ripe or not. We were simply trying to get to them before the birds ate them all! That never seemed to bother my aunts or family friends as they felt they had plenty to share with their families so the birds were allowed to enjoy as well.
I love going to the market each week to see what fruit is coming into season and of course right now we are hitting a peak! I actually had Ontario blueberries, strawberries and cherries on the table all at once, I was t…

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