February was Heart Month

As February wrapped up it was a time of thought, sadness and moving forward. All these things come together and will always happen in February.
It used to be a time of celebration for Valentine's Day, Birthdays and Family Day; these will all continue but in a different way. It has been 1 year since my father passed away and all the "firsts" are done and gone. I continue to struggle to get through the days and wonder why I am doing what I do.
I realize that all the strength that has got me through this past year comes from the family and friends that I hold so dear. And that too is what pushes me to work and push to find and reach my goals.
My dad's love of family, food and so much more is the legacy that he leaves behind and what I carry to keep my love of the same going strong.

I feel that I sway often in and out of existence with work and life but that is what happens in times when work is slow. The mind starts to wander and those thoughts of what am I doing pop in. That's okay, it keeps me wondering what I should do next and will it bring joy and happiness to myself and those around me.

Food is something I enjoy, not just eating and cooking but sharing. The experience of food has taught me, is that it continues to bring me closer to people and I love that. The deep or surface discussions that happen on a regular basis continue to inspire-I think that is awesome! That triggers a creative jolt that is necessary to keep going (I wish that jolt sometimes was around more often). Writers block or whatever you call it, I have experienced it and for me it hurts. Not just my head but my heart and body. The excitement it brings when it's around is like a drug, make it last!

This type of work from the heart, for the heart is something I share with the recipes I develop for Heart & Stroke Healthline newsletters each month. They reach out to those who are new to cooking healthy and those that have been cooking this way for a long time. I want to continue to be able to help people across all spectrums so incorporating a variety of techniques (complicated or simple) helps achieve that and also continues to inspire me. So some recipes might sound weird to someone but might excite another.

As I write this somewhat choppy post I realize that I need to get back into the routine of writing and posting so that everything flows more freely. It is like when my father worked in his garage on a regular basis, things were being made and he was happy and that happiness flowed in his work, in his smile and within those around him. I now take that inspiration to hopefully follow that path as well on a regular basis. Here is to new beginnings in this new year after all the "firsts" have passed. I hope to see you more often.



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