Red Prince Apples

So the royalty has arrived! Yup, these apples are so delicious and crisp and sweet with a hint of tartness that they truly are regal. The Red Prince apple grown here in Ontario made my kids go crazy for the 2 days they lasted in my house. Truly they ate 6 huge apples in 2 days. Now considering the size of these apples and that one could feed two of my children that was a big deal. My kids love apples but what did they love more? Well the package that arrived showcased these red jewels on a little red cushion which of course my 5 year old then referred to the apple as a King. So in our house it truly went beyond being a Red Prince but straight to Kinghood-if there was such a thing in the apple world? Not sure about that.

So all kidding aside here are some hard facts about this tasty fruit from the website

The Red Prince is a premium apple, locally grown in Thornbury, Ontario, available during the winter months. Recognized for its antioxidant-rich red skin, the Red Prince has inherited the sweetness and juiciness of the Golden Delicious and the crispness and tanginess of the Jonathan.
“The new Red Prince apple is a good source of vitamin C, which is essential for healthy skin and gums and plays a role in immune system functioning,” says Cara Rosenbloom, a Toronto-based registered dietitian. “It is also a good source of fibre, which promotes regularity and may contribute to weight maintenance.”
The Red Prince is ideal for fresh eating, in salads or in baking and pairs particularly well with sharp cheddars and blue cheeses.

If you go to the website you can check out where you can purchase this apple and see the fun civility challenge the did in the month of February-you can still try it and perhaps achieve it for each and every month. I know I will surely have to purchase more of these apples because the request for the King will not stop and frankly you can't pass another apple by for it-it is a unique gem.


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