Fell off the horse, but have to get back on!

Well here we are over a month and I haven't blogged about a thing! Where does the time go? I can honestly say that I want to do this blog everyday but it seems to get lost, like those bills I don't want to pay. But they suddenly appear and well so should the blog! I need to stay on top of it because I think that there is enough interesting things that I do and enjoy that others may infact also enjoy. Food in particular of course.
So I had a lovely dinner at a friends' house this evening and we had a delicious pasta al forno and grilled steak with a great salad with chunks of avocado, pine nuts and grana padano cheese. What more could I ask for? Me not cooking on a Thursday night-gotta love it. Although I may admit I stayed longer than I should have but that is because when you enjoy good company you never want to leave right? That and my kids were being entertained by others, that is always a bonus!
So yet again, on this late March evening or early morning if you really think about the time (but don't) I promise to do a better job on this blog! So because of that statement I will do another blog tonight on some other topic-very food related too, maybe with a photo. Let's just see how I do!


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