Cookie Party

So I forgot to tell you about how the cookie party went! It was great and so many yummy cookies! It was great to see friends and family and chat about what they are doing for the holidays and of course what was their favourite cookie.

I think each year it is wonderful to see the variety of cookies that are made and also what the popular flavours of the year are. This year I would have to say that molasses cookies won out and they were all delicious!

It is a surprise as to what cookies you'll be taking home, but I think people are okay with that because they do get the opportunity to taste all of them while they are here.

The way I do my cookie exchange is that I ask everyone to bring 6 dozen cookies, a number I think that is not too difficult for most people to make and then everyone leaves with 5 dozen different cookies. Where does the other dozen go? Well to the table of course for all to enjoy.

This year almost everyone was able to attend so the house was full and lots of kids were enjoying the cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows as well. Not to mention playing with the toys and Wii to keep them occupied:)

Parents were relaxed and sipping hot coffee to enjoy with their cookies and also the few little savoury appetizers I had made to enjoy as well. I think everyone had fun, I know I certainly did even though I was running around most of the time.

It has made me think that I can perhaps take this cookie exchange to a new level-I think, I did state by the way. I'd like to revisit it for next year in a whole new way. I'll keep you posted.

So be sure to enjoy your holiday cookies, they won't last long:)


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