My days in Jasper

Well I'm here, in Jasper, Alberta. One of my favourite places to be. During this time of year, the lodge transforms to create Christmas for many from around Alberta and outsiders as well from the States and other provinces too. I love coming here to present yummy food for everyone but also to spend time wtih Elizabeth Baird. She is so much fun! We have been coming together for I think 11 years and she has becoming since before then. A true veteran of the event.

We are doing an open house theme this year so a combination of appetizers and small desserts. I was in the Jasper Park Lodge kitchens today prepping for the demos tomorrow and Sunday. Its fun to be in a busy kitchen, not that I really miss working on the line or anything like that. I don't think I could keep up with all the young men and women who work their butts of to produce delicious and great looking food.

I am just in my room now, working on a few projects that are due next week and of course typing up this blog. I'll be attending the presenters reception soon and then the Friday night reception with the guests, always a fun night to lead into a busy weekend.

It was wonderful to arrive here yesterday and enjoy some quiet time and then sit back in the room and taste a special plate of chocolates and sweet treats! Yummy!!

I'll keep you posted as to what goes on over the course of the week and who is cooking what. I'm sure it will be fun for all!


  1. I will be there Monday. I'm so excited!

    It's going to be absolutely FABULOUS!


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