Jasper is so much fun

So I've been in Jasper now for 5 nights and it's still fun. Tonight we started a second package which happens to be the last package of all four. I am flying solo this time around as Elizabeth had to leave yesterday. A bummer I know but I will go forth and make her proud. I love cooking and teaching so it shouldn't be difficult to talk about the recipes that I've already made 4 times this weekend.

I have also been doing some work while I've been here, finishing up a story for Food & Drink and also writing my column for the paper. I decided to write about being here at the lodge and the recipes we are doing as I felt it would be good to share the information with others and to let people know how awesome it is here. A real treat and experience.

There has been some great food here this year and I've been trying to taste most of it and not overload on it either. The martinis are smooth and big and the chocolate is pouring freely. Thank goodness there is lots of fruit to enjoy with it.

Besides all this delicious food and wine there are great people here at the lodge. They are all hard workers and want to learn and also teach what they know. I like that.

I went out with a group last night into the town of Jasper to a local bar and it was fun. Just like a small town, everyone knows everyone and they are all looking for a good time. I felt a bit older than most, but that was okay. I'm also wiser so I may have been one of the few without a hangover in the morning. Lessons learned from earlier days-heehee.

Well off to work on some recipes for now as I retired early to my room to do some work. I'll try not to get distracted too much by television or the like, but it may happen.


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