I'm so bad at this

I have heard so many people talking about blogs these days and many people do not enjoy them. Why I ask? Well mainly because of people like me who lure you in and then leave you in the lurch with no information for a long time. (I do the same thing with twitter!)

I don't know how the days go by so quickly and why I can't sit at the computer for a few minutes to tell you about an amazing dish I ate or something really fun I cooked at home. My guess is because I get side tracked with oh I don't know, work, kids, the phone and who knows what else.

I haven't blogged in well over a month and so much has happened! I can't go through it all because that would deny me the time I want to dedicate to the phone call I will be on shortly-conference call.

But let me tell you that my October was most enjoyable as it always is. It's my favourite month as Thanksgiving and Halloween are in it as well as the enjoyment of taking my children to local farms to see all the wonders of the farm and colours of fall. I truely adore it.

Now it is November and will be another busy month with the start of Holiday Entertaining. Yes I said it the holidays. Less than 2 months we have to celebrate friends and family and all things holiday bound. Another spectacular time of the year-truly, many of us do really enjoy it!

My plan is to try and attack this blog and tell you what I am up to and also what I've eaten and include a recipe if I can and then also have some pictures to post. Let's get started...again.


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