Coffee Anyone?

So I went to a really fun event at Liberty Grand on Saturday for Tassimo coffee. The host, none other than Nik Manojlovich, who I think is like my big brother sometimes. I've known him for I think at least 7 years and he is so much fun and a really super guy and so hospitable and charismatic. He spoke about his love of coffee and why he was with Tassimo and then he introduced Sarah Richardson, the guru of decorating I believe he said as he introduced her. What a sweetheart. She came on stage and talked through some slides of kitchens and dining rooms that she had worked on to produce absolutely stunning designs. And she is one busy gal, with I think 3 different shows and another one on the way.
Now I should say that I got an email from Nik to go online and sign up to see if I would get a ticket to go and I was lucky to get sent an invite to attend. So why am I talking about this, well here's the thing. Everyone who went and had a ticket (you were allowed to bring a guest) got a Tassimo Bosch coffee system! Yes the machine and then some coffee and tea to use with it! How excited was I-new machine for coffee. Now that makes 3 machines in a row on my counter to make various forms and flavours of coffee. I think I'm a coffee junkie!
So I took my oldest son with me and of course he didn't want to go, but he came and I think had some fun along the way. He learned how to use the machine and that he could make himself a tea (with adult supervision) on his own. Very cool!
We were shuffled into a large room with tons of these machines and some of them were functioning to enjoy the coffee of your choice. Each machine had a barista to help you out and keep things under control and answer questions. They also had some sweet treats to go with the coffee; various cakes, cookies and biscotti. Which I had tried some but they were all way too sweet for my liking. Although the oatmeal raisin cookies weren't too bad.
After we had a drink and hung out for abit, we were then moved into the other room fitted with chairs to listen to Nik and Sarah chat with coffee in hand. It was fun and I think I even learned a few things about decorating, like keep it simple and use what you like. Whew my motto for food too! So at the end of it all, we walked out with an orange/copper tone Tassimo Bosch machine and a bag full of coffee, tea and cappuccino. Of course we rushed home and started it up after a good cleaning and enjoyed a cappuccino. Another new toy and I think I will use this one often.
It's really cool and you can offer guests their choice of coffees after dinner or make whatever you like for yourself during the morning rush with a push of a button. Oh how easy life has become!
To find out more about the machine check out
I happily enjoyed a colombian roast coffee this morning and an earl grey tea this afternoon. I think I enjoy this life, one cup at a time.


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