Where does the time go?

Okay I just looked on my blog and realized a month has flown by and I have nothing to show for it! Well actually I have lots to show for it, just haven't kept up with it on my blog. I have been recipe developing for Christmas and now that its done I can move forward and start working on some pasta recipes and other exciting things-oh like going to see U2!!!!

Yes I can't wait to see them, its yet another lifetime dream of mine and I think I will be very happy to hear that great music. I wonder what they eat when they are on tour? They are probably healthy, that's why they have been making great music for so long. Well that might not matter look at other long timers....Rolling Stones, Aerosmith. Geez, who knows!

Anyway, most recently I was a judge down at Harbourfront's Hot and Spicy festival and it was fun! Great competition for the Emerging Chef Competition that had 4 schools competing for the title and the winner got a Breezes trip to Jamaica-nice. I wish I had a chance to compete:)

The food was delicious and well presented the approach was a la "Iron Chef" style where there was a secret ingredient used each time. The first one was carrots and the winner was from Stratford. The second was mushrooms and the winner was from Niagara on the Lake. So they battled it out with Blue Cheese and the secret ingredient. Difficult but well used. I think they were both challenged and did a great job. In the end Niagara on the Lake won out but let me tell you that both dishes were tasty. The scores were averaged from 4 judges, so we didn't know who the winner was until they announced it. So kind of nerve racking for us too. A real nail biter!

I also enjoyed Toronto that weekend, but chomping on some potato and chickpea roti while down at Harbourfront and then sneaking in some Tiny Tom donuts at the CNE-how can anyone resist! We finished off our weekend by having lunch at the CN tower at Horizons. The kids were happy with chicken and fries but the square bowls were not to their liking at all! So we put them on the traditional round charger plates and all was well.

My husband and I shared a Prix Fixe lunch menu which started off with a slightly salty mushroom and onion soup with fresh tarragon and pumpernickel croutes in it, which was a nice addition. Then moved on to a very colourful plate of gnocchi and fresh vegetables which unfortunately let us down with lack of flavour. But dessert was a huge hit for us both. Rhubarb crisp, warmed with vanilla ice cream and a hint of whipped cream. Oh so tasty, all enjoyed while looking over the Toronto skyline. What a fun long weekend! Now back to reality, work and routine. But I love those too:)


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