I'm so lucky sometimes

Okay just when I think my life is going great, something even cooler happens to me...I filmed a television commercial! It was a super long hard day, but really fun. I met a great group of people and learned a ton of things on the job, that's really where I learn most things I think.

I don't know when it will start airing but I will be sure to let you know =)

I took a few pictures of behind the scenes to let you in... I hope it turns out okay. So many hours of footage all for a short period of time. Now I can some what understand why it takes months and years to film a movie and get it into the theatres-this was a much smaller scale. We were in a very cool house and the kitchen was fabulous. Hair and make up were provided so I really did feel like a tv star. Just like when we used to film Canadian Living Cooks, hair and make up each shoot day and of course a lot of hard work to try to get a recipe out in 6 minutes-whew. I still can't believe we did it! This time it took all day to get one recipe out, lucky me everyone was patient.

It surely was a stellar week, with two great cooking classes as well. The groups were wonderful and so understanding when I overcooked the beef, the tart was not set and the extra people that showed up were still fed. As a good Italian girl I guess I had enough food for everyone, my grandmother is certainly proud.

I sit here at my computer typing but in the back of my mind so many thoughts going through my head. Tomorrow is The Word on the Street in Toronto and I am managing the Cooks 'n' Books stage where many great Canadian authors will be coming to do demos for the audience and signing and selling their books. I hope to make good friends tomorrow and learn more about food, but most of all, I am thinking I would like it not to rain...here's hoping!


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