I love the weekends

Well, it was another weekend to remember. I had so much fun that I almost think it didn't happen. But I have pictures to prove that it did.

Another stellar meal at Treadwell's, we went with different friends this time and sat in the restaurant and had a delectable wine pairing thanks to James Treadwell and his amazing palate.

Lots of laughs, good eats and discussion happened during dinner which makes it even better. I had started off with scallops and then moved on to the duck that had a foie gras jus that was to die for. I even cleaned the plate or wiped it rather with some bread to eat every morsel.

Dessert I opted for the cheese course which didn't let me know at all, Manchego, 9year old cheddar, goat cheese and blue finished off the other end served up with chutney and tomato chili jam. I couldn't have asked for more, or well I guess I could have.

We went to meet up with my cousin after dinner at a local pub downtown St. Catherines, The Merchant of Ales and I had a pint of Old Hockey Time Ale, dark and had a smooth finish. I liked it.
Our next morning started us out to St Davids at Olsons at Ravine. I did an interview with Anna Olson and enjoyed some rich buttery morsels from the shop with a cup of coffee. The weather was spectacular and we soaked up every minute of it. Sitting outside with the mismatched antique tables and chairs, reminded me of my aunts basement that we had many tasty meals in.
Ravine, the winery onsite had a very excited winemaker who loved what she did and it showed. The wines were smooth and refreshing, particularly the Reisling 2007, we bought some =)

We moved onto The Ice House for a short tour of icewine and how its made and to our surprise had a very generous tasting of Northern Lights Ice Wine. Very quaint and different for a winery. The exclusivity of it all was very cool. Unique as they made no table wines, all ice wines and late harvests.

Next stop, Southbrook to check out the LEED building. Ultra modern and chic this place was indeed cool to look at and be in. We headed out to the pizza patio to enjoy the onsite pizzas that are matched with Southbrook wines. Unique here again as they incorporate Vinifera (the husks of the grapes that are left after pressing, that are dried and made into a powder), into the pizza dough for a neat purple colour and soft wine flavour. A true laxative as the young chef, Christine Maleta described, in large quantities. So needless to say they don't need much in the doughs.

Our last stop was at Inn the Pines, a local fruit and vegetable stand that showcased over 40 varieties of heirloom tomatoes-I was in heaven! I snagged a bag full along with squash, pink fingerling potatoes, rich purple eggplant and a mixed basket of fresh fruit including of course local concord grapes!

Wow how I enjoyed this adventure alongside my husband and friends. Our drive back was quiet but I think I was just in awe of everything I had experienced. My inspiration for cooking and enjoyment of food is true and alive after something like that. I only hope to continue those escapes that will inspire and continue my passion for all good things in life that have food playing a major role in them.


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