So much fun had by all

I must say I do enjoy food and not just making it but eating it too! We went to a friend's house for dinner last night and it was so nice to see the kids playing with each other and the adults have great conversations and being able to just hang out. Kind of like high school but just a few years later...okay maybe more than that:)
The drinks were easy to sip at, the food was perfect to eat and the company was fun. I wish every weekend could be like that! Overall our Saturday was quite busy and as my husband and I noticed, our next few weekends are packed full of excitement. It's like having a social calendar, it's a nice feeling.
James and I went to Moksha Yoga in the monring and it was very HOT and much more intense than we both thought it would be. But well worth it, I felt quite good after it all and not to mention the tasty lunch we had at Artisinale after. I especially enjoyed the Tawse "Echos" White wine we had with lunch-an extra special treat. I had a classic lunch of quiche and salad, one of my all time favourites.
A stroll through downtown also opened our eyes to Art on the Street-what amazing artists we have here. A perfect day to enjoy it.
Now I sit here on a Sunday night and ponder what to write about for my column this week. So many recipes and yet I can't settle on one. But I think I have convinced myself of what story to write weekend and the experiences I had. What would go perfectly with it all? I guess you'll have to find out on Wednesday!


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