Weekend is a coming

Few hump day is officially over. It's now Thursday morning if you will or very late Wednesday night. Kids are all asleep and I am busily working on recipes for fall and planning my grocery list for tomorrow and Friday-yikes! Lots of food to fill my refrigerators and test away. Yes I did type refrigerators. Lots of food to fill them is needed to test the over 20 recipes I'll be working on in the next little while. Oh how I love yummy food.

This weekend is filled with many things like grilling up some delicious Ontario meats in Maple on Saturday to celebrating dads on Sunday. How time flies, seems like it was just Mother's day! I am not sure what we'll do yet to celebrate the dads in our lives as we are lucky to have many. My dad, my father in law, my husband. My children are such lucky little people to share these days with them and vice versa for the dads. I think of things I made for my dad and nonno as a child and they were well...lame I guess but they did indeed enjoy them and always said thank you with the biggest smiles. I still remember my first chocolate cream pie I made for them and I made my own crust a la Crisco I believe and baked it (a nice thick crust I might add) and then made a great chocolate filling (perhaps from a box, but I'm not telling-shh). And they bit into it and looked at each other and said this is pretty good. Well I needed to have the taste test too-what on earth were they thinking! It was horrible! The crust was waaaaay to thick and not cooked so it tasted well, like raw uncooked pie crust with a watery albeit chocolatey filling. Such nice guys to say that.

Well I'd like to think that I've come a long way since that pie. I now make my dad Amarette cookies and other sweet and savoury favourites for him. Or pick up a unique little tool or fun food item for the kitchen too. He still says thank you with a big smile too. But maybe its just because I never did make that pie again-whew!


  1. Wondering why your class in Kitchener / Waterloo was cancelled tonight. My Mom was really looking forward to going.

  2. Sorry it was cancelled. I was bummed out about it too. Not enough signed up for the class so they decided to cancel. I should be heading out again in the fall, but she can check out my website to find out the other places I teach too www.emilyrichardscooks.ca


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