Busy weekend with family

Well June is finally here. Wait where did the time go? School is almost over but it just began didn't it? Here it comes time to work on Christmas stories again, wow. I love my job!!!!

Cooking all weekend is always fun for me, although I don't know how others around me feel about it. I know when friends and family get fed they do indeed enjoy it. But my kids how do they feel? Well, mom why are you in the kitchen again? And, what are you making now? Can we make muffins? No wait, can we have pizza, or maybe meatloaf, or maybe twirly pasta? I think they are okay with it. They and we, get to enjoy the fruits of my labour of love really its true!

Although, I do admit that I love cooking for people. I love having people over for dinner-oh what fun! Chatting, sitting, enjoying good company with a bit of food and wine.

That was this weekend. With grandpa and aunt Carmen over we enjoyed a relaxed barbecue with potato and pasta salads. But the piece of pie that took the cake...apple! We made homemade apples pies for dessert. Nothing beats it, hands down. The only thing missing was a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream-next time.

We celebrated a wonderful woman that day-my mother in law, whom we lost last May. She was in our hearts and minds that day and you know what, she was here enjoying every bit of that dinner and pie right along side us. It made for a beautiful weekend to share with my family-all of them. Even the ones that weren't here physically. We all gave each other an extra hug and not one of us minded.


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