So much fun!

Saturday night was so much fun. We had 5 other couples over for dinner and I had a blast making dinner and serving it up. We had a different wine with every course and they were fabulous too! Not only that but the company was hilarious and just downright fun. I cannot stress that enough.

We started off with a couple appetizers that friends brought as well as some cheese to set the tone of the relaxed evening. Once everyone was there we got organized and started off the evening with the first course of a seafood salad. A favourite of mine that has pickled vegetables , olives and capers in the mix with shrimp, calamari and scallops-yum! Dressed with a lemon vinaigrette. Perfect with our Prosecco match.

We then moved onto a ratatouille crepe drizzled with creme fraiche. Now I thought this might be a hard sell to most, but no way! It rocked! It was so yummy I want to make it again and again. An experiment gone right and now I just have to remember what I put in it to write the recipe. Served with a Syrah wine from California-truely delicious.

Something to spice it up a bit I did a chicken dish that was sauteed in sherry then Asian sweet chili sauce and served it over noodles tossed with an almost fiery peanut sauce. Oh so good and of course what was that wine we served with it. Things start to get a bit fuzzy now:)

Last course was a porcini dusted beef tenderloin with herbed mini potatoes. The beef is a recipe from my cookbook that is then drizzled with a balsamic reduction. And the wine once again, was smooth and rich and who knows what it was!

Another friend made dessert, pavlova with fresh fruit! To die for a perfect way to end the night with some dessert wine and ice wine and oh ya, she brought truffles too. How lucky were we!

You know I wish I could do stuff like this all the time, in fact every weekend. I guess I should have opened my own restaurant. But ya know what I wouldn't have been able to sit and enjoy the laughter and good times, so I think I like it this way and maybe not every weekend but whenever I need a hit of restaurant flair in my life for friends and me too. What a great long weekend!


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