Okay so its May now...

I am really not doing well with this blog business. I have had some big obstacles along the way though so technically I will say that it's not all my fault. Although maybe about 65% of it could have been controlled.
It has been busy since my last blog. Where should I start, well I had some work which is always good. My big news and very happy news for me is that I wrote my first column for the Guelph Mercury and it ran in the paper's Life front page and I will be writing every other week. Yeah! I am very enthused about the opportunity!
I also lost my domain name for my website. Unknowingly, the domain name I had registered to me had expired and someone else picked it up. I am not impressed with what they are using it for either. So please note-IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! So I have registered another domain and hope to have my website live soon. Thanks to the long nights my husband put in to help me out and get it going again.
I also had the opportunity to work with Go South! and help showcase some yummy recipes at the CPMA. Great produce all around from all over the world and hardworking growers who are willing to put it on the line to get great stuff into the stores.

Now, some yucky news was that I wasn't feeling very well this week...well like I thought I was having a heart attack because the pain was so severe in my chest. So after almost 8 hours of being at the emergency room and xrays, blood tests and an EKG it turns out it was muscle spasms. Oh really? Not so, the call from the emerg doctor the next morning said I had pneumonia. Well off to the pharmacy we go...

Now it is Mother's Day and I got a beautiful note from my son and many homemade treasures from my kids. What joy they bring. As happy a day it is to celebrate moms, me, my mom and my grandmother (we chatted today too), I can't help to think about my last mother's day with my mother in law. I thought of her alot today and knew she was looking down on me smiling and sending all her love and strength.
To all the moms, Happy Mother's day and again, I will try to do this. Between Facebook, Twitter and the like I may get lost in cyberspace or get more organized we'll see. Ciao.


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