Busy Weekend!

Well it's official that life moves on! My eldest son turned 7 this weekend, my how time flies! Rule is each birthday you get to pick what you want for dinner either to be made at home or go out. He opted to go out and eat-KFC! Yes once in a blue moon and for birthdays we enjoy some classic chicken in a bucket. He loved it! That's what mattered most.
Now most children enjoy a birthday cake or too, nope cheesecake or apple pie is it for Matthew. And you know what? Candles fit quite nicely in them too.

We had his kids birthday party on Saturday morning and although some work was involved for mom and dad, he had a blast and got his beloved Pokemon cards he wanted-YEAH! Another successful year started and I hope it is a fun one for him too and the whole family for that matter.

Today I went to Woodbridge and did a store sampling with Homegrown Ontario. Some yummy Ground Lamb and Feta Strudel, Veal Asparagus Bundles and Cashew Pork Curry. You can find all the recipes on their website at www.homegrownontario.ca
I used to live in Woodbridge and miss the enjoyment I had going to grocery stores so close to me I could walk (if I only had to buy a couple of things, but that never happens in my work). It is always funny to me how some people assume Italians only want Italian food. Being Italian and not always wanting Italian food, I figure I can be an expert on the topic-somewhat. I have to say it was a hard sell to get people to try the Cashew Pork Curry. They gobbled up the Veal Asparagus Bundles, wrapped in Prosciutto. But many turned up their noses to the curry stating that they didn't like that type of food. Kind of a bummer really, not knowing what they are missing.

The last place I served the curry, I started calling it a stew and it became palatable to many. Sometimes it is hard to jump outside the box of what you know and like. I understand, I've been there and in different places too. But I would just like to say that sometimes, trying something new might be a good thing and you might even enjoy it! Better yet, make it and share it with others and open their minds and palates to delcious food from all around our great world. YUM!
I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it.
Thanks to all who gave it a go and gave it a thumbs up. As my mom and grandmother would say to me (and sometimes still do) Try it bella, you'll like it!


  1. Calling your curry a stew reminds me of how my friend can only get her son to eat tomato sauce if she calls it "red" sauce instead of mentioning tomatoes...I guess it shows that there really is a psychological component to eating, even before the food enters our mouths!


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