February draws to a close

I can't believe how time flies! The last week of February and the cold is still strong which means the warm hot comfort foods are still flowing. That is why I will be doing a great stick to your ribs recipe on A Channel London this week. I'll be sure to post it on Thursday.

I feel cold walking around the house so the heavy sweaters are on and thoughts of stews and soups are floating in my head. I think that I want to do something with brisket-something different but what I wonder? I'll have to ponder that for another day until I decide.

This week will be a bit busy but nothing crazy. Sometimes I long for the days and weeks where I had no time but to think about work and how to get through it all. I think for now many people are in the same boat as me and waiting to hear about what will happen next in the job market and how will it affect me. Although I haven't checked my 649 tickets yet, so maybe...I will be enjoying beef tenderloin and lobster more often. Hmm I'll let you know!


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