I was told to start a blog...so I did.

Most often when you are told to do things as a child you do them, yet as an adult we tend to think about these things first.

Many people have told me to start a blog so here I am in the beginning. I am excited and nervous as I am not sure what I really want to talk about here, but I know it will have plenty to do with food and cooking-my livelyhood!

Yesterday I was testing some appetizer recipes for summer and had people over to taste them and had a most enjoyable evening with wine too, of course. Happily the appetizers went over well, although I think the strength of the garlic is still lingering for most today-including myself.

This is one of the best things about creating recipes...getting the feedback. Everyone was pretty much in agreement that there was just a bit too much garlic, so now I get to go back and retest the recipe so its just right. I like to know what people think about the recipes I work on, it helps me become a better recipe developer and also respect what others are looking for in their recipes. Although I do admit some suggestions have been overlooked by me as I still have to take the clients' requests to heart in the end.


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