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Celebrate any day with the delicious flavours of Niagara Ice Wine! Often it is thought of as a dessert wine, but you can enjoy it at the beginning of a meal or cook with it. If the pandemic has taught me anything is to enjoy each day and what you have. I used to hold onto Icewine and only enjoy it for special occasions, here are a few recipes to showcase you can enjoy it anytime! Enjoy responsibly and be sure to check out the amazing Niagara and Niagara on the Lake wineries in our beautiful province.  Cheese and Pate with your favourite Ice Wine You can enjoy a glass of ice wine with your favourite full bodied and flavourful cheeses and pate. Aged cheeses and rich deep blue cheeses are wonderful pairings with ice wine. Look for different pate or foie gras pate to serve crisp crostini and sip at your ice wine. Why not add a little salty and smoky smoked salmon or some spicy crab cakes to your appetizer board to pair up with and enhance the ice wine.   French Toast with Ice Wine Maple Sy

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